About Me

I'm a mom and a wife. 

I'm a USAF veteran.

 I live with chronic pain,  PTSD and anxiety. 

 All of these things inform the work I do, giving me an intrinsic perspective on how pain and mental health can be so deeply intertwined.

  I've been a licensed massage therapist since 2005, having studied NMT and myofascial release in school.  My own journey to become comfortable in my own body has led me to neural reset therapy (NRT), stretching, massage cupping and meditation.

My goal is to share what I know with those who are seeking comfort from chronic pain brought on by trauma.    


My Modalities

  • Swedish

  • Neuromuscular Therapy

  • Myofascial Release

  • Prenatal Massage

  • Massage Cupping

  • Stretching

  • Neural Reset Therapy

I base my treatment prices base on treatment length of time.  Each massage is performed to meet the client’s needs on that particular day at that particular time.  Any modality that I perform may be used in any given session, with the client’s informed consent.


45 minutes - For the person who needs to be in and out quickly, or the person who has 1 major pain concern.

$60 + tax


60 minutes - Great for a relaxing full body massage, or treating 2 major pain concerns.

$80   + tax


75 minutes - For the person who needs a full body, circulatory, swedish massage, plus 1 major pain concern.

$100 + tax


90 minutes  - If you have 3 or more major pain concerns, this is a must!

$120   + tax


Each additional 15 minutes

$20  + tax


Why is sales tax charged on my massage?  

Because Ohio is stupid.  


There is one exception to this rule. If you provide a prescription from your physician or chiropractor, I can, and will happily, waive the sales tax.  


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Contact Me

1126 Goldeneye Dr.

Blacklick, OH  43004


Heidi Dove, LMT